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  1. From operations and maintenance to long-term efficiencies.
  2. digitalization and automation.
  3. Hydropower plant maintenance and replacement parts supplies.
With over 20+ service centres across India, we can assist our clients and partners in their language and time zone. Compact Powertech’s service guarantee is built on proximity and reactivity.


Our extensive knowledge of the construction business, along with our labour management ability, has enabled us to effectively provide civil construction services across India.

  1. Concrete Civil and Structural Construction.
  2. Finishing and Architectural Work
  3. Plastering and Masonry
  4. HVAC, plumbing, and electrical installations
  5. Work of Waterproofing and Insulation

We are provinding Best Manpower Outsourcing Services In India

Every day, the business market becomes more competitive, affecting how much labour a company need. Outsourcing your workers is one of the best ways to control your company’s performance and produce high-quality projects. Compact Powertech is a well-known and distinctive provider of labour outsourcing services in India.

We can provide total support because of the adaptability of our workers. We just give labour and respond to the client’s needs. We’re attempting to build long-term connections while making the transaction as profitable as possible. When it comes to outsourcing workforce, we will support your organisation in every way we can to employ individuals based on your needs and preferences.

We are providing best Electrical service

Our electricians have over 25 years of industry expertise and have serviced thousands of residential and business estates. 

Our electricians perform a wide range of electrical services, such as the installation of lights, switches, sockets, electrical wiring, power trip/failure restoration, and other tasks. Each service is performed with meticulous attention.

We Are Providing best VEHICLES rental services in india

Car rental services are a simple method to move about without driving or taking public transportation. You may explore a city, take a much-needed road trip, and plan unexpected trips with a vehicle hire. The days of having a car as a necessity are long gone. Nowadays, hiring a car provides you with the mobility and privacy you want without breaking the bank.